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Why Heat Siphon is Designed for MAXIMUM COP not Highest BTUH Heat Output

A normal size residential pool in the colder heating months will require as much as a million (1,000,000) BTU of heat a day to replace the heat lost to maintain its warm water temperature.

To show how EFFICIENCY (COP) and HEAT OUTPUT (BTUH) are related, we created this animation (SEE SIDEBAR AT RIGHT) of the delivery of that million BTU's using Heat Siphon and two other "typical" competitive Pool Heat Pumps based on their efficiency and heat output specifications.

The graphic to the right shows a simulation of the actual daily electric cost over 11 hours for 375HP HEAT SIPHON and TWO OTHER BRANDS of 5HP Size Pool Heat Pumps:

The 1st column - the Model Z375HP HEAT SIPHON (COP=6.7 with 96,000 BTUH output) - takes 10.5 hours to deliver the million BTU's

The 2nd column - BRAND X (COP of 6.0 with 125,000 BTUH) - takes only 8 hours to deliver the heat but ends up spending 12% MORE for electricity than Heat Siphon.

The 3rd column - BRAND Y (COP=5.0 with 115,000 BTUH) still gets there in 8.7 hours to deliver the heat but ends up spending 34% more for electricity than Heat Siphon.

BTU vs. COP Data

A properly sized Heat Siphon should average about 8 to 12 hours/day of runtime over a swimming season. This guarantees excess heating capacity without over-sizing. The proper design then maximizes COP not BTUH.

LOWER EFFICIENCY (brand x and y) compressors with slightly higher BTUH output are available and cheaper than those Heat Siphon uses. Likewise smaller heat exchangers will cost much less but reduce efficiency further.

Heat Siphon has ALWAYS maintained the design philosophy of maximizing EFFICIENCY. We properly balance all component with our high efficiency compressor, and use oversized heat exchanger surface areas to minimize discharge pressures and reduce amp draw. The right amount of refrigerant charge coupled with properly sized TXV refrigerant flow controls further ensure the highest efficiency at all operating conditions.

At HEAT SIPHON - " WE PERFORM TO KEEP YOU WARM!!" and at the minimum total cost possible!

HEAT SIPHON FAST FACTS: WHAT IS COP? (Coefficient of Performance in heat pump language). It is simply a heat pump's BTU's of HEAT OUTPUT DIVIDED BY THE BTU's OF ELECTRICITY IN. The formula notation: COP = Heat Out/Heat In. Note: you must use the same units and a Kilowatt-hour (electricity unit) = 3413 BTU's.