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The following are from actual blogs we have run across on the internet:


• " Heat Pumps Don't Work in the northern climate . . . " - WE SAY:

HEAT SIPHON will heat your pool or spa in MAINE or MIAMI,FL 24/7 - 85°F at the lowest cost possible . Heat Siphon has been manufacturing Swimming Pool Heat Pumps in Latrobe, PA - not Miami, FL - since 1983 and tens of thousands of North-Easterners are happily swimming in their warm pools to prove it.

• "Use a gas heater because a heat pump won't work well in May. . ." - WE SAY:

Use a GAS HEATER and SPEND ABOUT TWICE AS MUCH IN MAY to do the same thing - HEAT YOUR POOL - If you properly size your Heat Siphon it will EASILY MAINTAIN your pool as warm as you want ANYWHERE IN THE USA in MAY! (except Northern Alaska). We will be happy to do a FREE Pool Heating Analysis and Sizing using your data and desired temperature and your local weather data - We stand behind our Product and its performance.

• " we opted for a gas heater. It is 400,000 BTUH and will heat the entire pool in less than an hour . . ." - WE SAY:

According to our calculations (and the laws of physical science) a 400k (400,000 BTUH) 80% efficient gas pool heater CAN heat up a pool by 10°F IN ONE HOUR!! IF THE POOL IS 3,800 GALLONS - or about 4 foot high and 10 foot by 12 foot - not a very big pool for the LARGEST RESIDENTIAL GAS HEATER MADE.

The truth is that for the average 15 x 30 pool (smaller than most northern in ground pools) with a 5 foot depth, the pool volume is exactly 15 x 30 x 5 x 7.48 = 16,830 gallons. In order to produce a 10°F rise in that pool would require 1,403,622 BTU of heat (that's about 1.4 MILLION BTU).

That big old bad boy 400k gas heater would take about 1/3rd as long as our 5HP HEAT SIPHON to heat that pool up 10°F which would be 4.4 HOURS for the gas heater and 12 hours for the HEAT SIPHON - I guess the gas heater wins? Well, it does if you don't mind paying MORE MONEY EVERYTIME YOU RUN THIS RACE. BY THE WAY, we found a few on the net & it looks like a 400K gas heater will cost around $3000.00 to $5000.00 uninstalled.

If it takes more than an hour then you can't just jump in your pool anytime so -Why heat your pool if you must wait to swim in it?? With HEAT SIPHON you can afford to KEEP YOUR POOL WARM 24/7

THE REAL POINT IS THIS - IT"S NOT HOW LONG IT TAKES TO GET YOUR POOL TO 85°F - it's WHAT IT COSTS YOU and a gas heater will usually cost you TWO to THREE TIMES as much for WARM WATER as Heat Siphon.

But There is an even more important point to this discussion -


IF it takes you 1.5 million BTU's to get to 85°F - EVEN IF IT TAKES ONE DAY - but once your pool is at 85°F (with a solar cover) that SAME 1.5 million BTU's WILL KEEP YOUR POOL at 85°F for THREE MORE DAYS - WHY NOT KEEP IT 85°F 24/7 AND USE IT ANYTIME YOU WANT TO RAIN OR SHINE ???

• " My solar install was cheaper than the heat pump and I get better results - and cost nothing to run . . . " - WE SAY:

Solar is Fine - As long as the sun DOES shine! - The main reason that your pool cools off and NEEDS HEATED is due to a LACK OF SOLAR GAIN. That is precisely the time period (hours, days or weeks) when SOLAR pool heaters WON'T WORK- no matter how big or efficient the solar collector is.

Your fair weather friend - the solar guy - will be GREEN with envy when you take that early morning dip in your 24/7 - 85°F - pool - courtesy of your Heat Siphon - while his pool is stone cold under the clouds.

• "Most folks want to extend the swim season in our parts. Heat pumps really don't do it here . . ." - someone else said:

"My Pool Builder wanted to use a heat pump brand that was made specifically for New England , but I didn't get a comfortable feeling with that brand so I got a Heat Siphon. I keep the pool at 82 and run the pool pump 8-12 hours during the day. It took three 8-hour cycles to warm the pool from about 68 to 82 when we first filled it in early May. After that, the heat pump would run in the morning for a few hours and then the sun would take over. By mid June, the pump was only running for maybe 30 minutes in the morning and the pool would be 85 when I got home from work." - JR, Rhode Island