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HEAT SIPHON News - September 2016

More Service Sector Job Growth - Lots of Unfilled Mfg Jobs

Inventor holds up Two Patents Awarded this Year
For Heat Siphon Innovations

Latrobe, Pa - September 3, 2016

Bill Bernardi - Founder and President of Heat Siphon's manufacturer, United States ThermoAmp Inc., above proudly holding up his two actual US Patent Documents recently recieved from the US Patent & Trademark Office -

the "Cool-Lag-Algorithm" & "Iso-Cap-Fitting " inventions.

"For over 33 years designing and manufacturing Heat Siphon right here in Latrobe, PA., we have always been at the forefront of swimming pool heat pump R&D.

Our engineering and the Heat Siphon's features we adopted were almost always eventually copied by the competition, but now we have decided to aggressively protect our intellectual property and these two patents are just the start. "

"It feels real good to receive them and I am very proud of and thankful for all the efforts everyone involved has put into getting them."

"This is what two real patent documents looks like in 2016. There is a gold seal and a bright red embossed ribbon on the cover and a book of all the pages and drawings we submitted. "

"We will definitely be getting several more with three other patents submitted & pending like our new temperature sensor and our improved coil key and several other inventions in the works, so stay tuned", says Bill.

NEW PATENT PENDING Water Temperature Probe on all Heat Siphons since 2015

The Heat Siphon ® water temper-ature sensor is now accurate to within 0.01°F - the Player Control displays it to a tenth °F

U.S. Jobs growing at steady pace

By Anna Louie Sussman - Wall Street Journal

Sep. 2, 2016

WASHINGTON—Employers added 151,000 jobs in August.Over the past three months, job growth has averaged about 232,000 a month. In 2015, monthly job growth averaged 229,000.

Average hourly earnings rose 2.4% in the year through August, a slight slowdown from July’s increase of 2.6%. Annual wage growth averaged 2.3% in 2015, and has matched or been higher than that each month so far this year.

The jobless rate held steady at 4.9% in August, its third straight month at that level. Hiring was robust enough to absorb new entrants into the labor market, keeping the overall unemployment rate stable.

A broader measure of unemployment held steady in August from 9.7% in July. This measure reflects jobless workers, those stuck in part-time jobs, and those too discouraged to look for work. The measure stood at 10.3% in August 2015, and in June had fallen to 9.6%, its lowest measure since 2008.

Record Level of Manufacturing Job Openings Need Trained Workers

By Anna Louie Sussman - Wall Street Journal

September 3, 2016

Amid anxiety about the disappearance of factory jobs, thousands of them are going unfilled across the U.S.

The number of open manufacturing jobs has been rising since 2009, and this year stands at the highest level in 15 years, according to Labor Department data.

Openings for manufacturing jobs this year have averaged 353,000 a month, up from 311,000 in 2015 and 122,000 in 2009.

As manufacturing has become more technology-driven, its share of managers and professionals has risen, according to the Labor Department - 53% of manufacturing workers had no education past high school. By 2015, that share had fallen 9 percentage points, while the share with college or graduate degrees increased 8 points.

That is despite a large pool of available labor. Between June 2015 and June 2016, there was an average of two unemployed manufacturing workers for each open position, according to the Labor Department.

With workers—and the institutions that educate them—slow to adapt, executives like Mike Magee, president of Akron Tool & Die Co. in Ohio, spend months searching for candidates. He has had three or four machinist jobs open since the beginning of the year, positions that command $23 to $25 an hour for an experienced candidate.

"The high school grad that gets training in CNC machining will make more than most of his bachelors degreed fellow students", says one CEO.

US Residential Electric Rates Finally Trend Down

The Latest data from the Energy Information Administration reports the June 2016 US average residential electric rate at $0.1273/KwH down 1% compared to last June 2015. This comes after a 26% increase in last 8 years.


(Patents Cont'd.)

Now you'll see:
SPA: 101.4 (°F)

(the competition doesn't even display the decimal point)

We developed our new probe in response to customer questions about what the real water, temperature was as they compared our readout to their floating thermometers and digital temperature probes.

We manufactured a titanium probe tip with just 0.030" wall thickness which houses a tiny .095" diameter bead type thermistor with an accuracy of 1%.

We then calibrated it using software in our Player Controller to achieve a curve fit which is within 0.05°F of actual using a thermometer traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US Department of Commerce.

The result is a very accurate digital water temperature probe which is also very quick to respond to changing temperature.

Overkill . . . maybe, INDUSTRY LEADING & STATE OF THE ART- Definitely !!


FALL . .

Football Kickoff Kit

Starting in October we will be offering a free wireless Football Controller to the first 250 buyers of any Z375HP or Z575HP Model Heat Siphon.

This will include one Football Console which you plug in anywhere within 1000 feet of the PassPort wireless receiver (also included ) which will plug into the Heat Siphon.

You will be able to then control your Heat Siphon remotely from inside your home.

For a minimal additional amount you will be able to purchase our T-POD pump controller which enable you to use your Football to turn your pool pump on /off or schedule operation including pump override.

Check back with us next month for more details.