Summer 2020

We are COMING BACK TO NORMAL (Slowly)!!!


Silver Linings:
Supply Chains, Oil Prices, Home Work and Togetherness

YES we are battered from this mask wearing and social distancing and everything this pandemic has brought on that keeps us apart, but the truth is WE ARE NOW MORE TOGETHER as a country and community than ever in our lifetimes. This morbid event has brought new meaning to the real important things in life - PEOPLE, FAMILY, FAITH & COUNTRY. As bad as it has been there are many silver linings to this dark cloud:

When Americans are asked to come together to fight a common enemy, WE ALL JUST DO IT! Supporting every "soldier", innovating, inventing cures and devices and drugs to crush the virus.

We have found the US has a very stable food supply. The demand for groceries, home improvement, e-commerce, and consumer staples is increasing but the supply meets the demand.

Rapid software innovations are helping people become more productive as they learn to work from home like never before.

Manufacturing is finally trending back to the USA breaking the Chinese supply chains that have imprisoned our economic freedom.

Our gasoline and heating oil prices have fallen to decade lows putting more money in the pockets of the average American.

School children and college students are at home learning at a much lower cost which hopefully will utltimately lower yesterday's outrageously high cost of government funded education, and replace it with independent efficient computer aided distance learning.

What I learned watching all of this, is that Americans truly are the Brave, Free and Good - we will be back very quickly to normal!!

Bill Bernardi, President of Heat Siphon

Better Days are On The Way!

Seek Summer Sanctuary in Your Backyard Pool

As Summer nears we are slowly coming back to Work, School, Church, Shopping & Sporting Events. Staying home does have perks keeping the family together, plenty of time to "git'r dun" finishing those chores we put off all winter.

YES we have suffered through one of the worst health disasters in over 100 years, and YES we have been hunkering down in our homes for more than a month now to stop the spread of this pandemic.

And YES even as the weather gets warmer it will be difficult to supress that wunderlust urge, to bust that cabin fever.

We will still have our backyards, kids will still play, the grass will still get cut, the garden weeded, the flowers & shrubs trimmed.

And YES if you have a pool in the backyard, you can WARM IT UP (with a HEAT SIPHON) and take a dip, float around your family in that quiet oasis, that warm sanctuary you have right outside the back door.

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