August 2012 - NEW Patent Pending Iso-Cap Fitting

UPDATE: Feb 9, 2016 - Electrical Isolation Fitting Patent Granted

US Patent 9,255,656- Included in ALL MODELS shipped since January 2013

After 30 years we have improved our Exclusive Electrically Isolated Titanium Heat Exchanger Fitting Design - now PATENTED.


Above you see an actual Titanium Isolation Fitting cut in half (including the oring and Teflon Isolation ring) The Copper and Titanium tubes are mockups included to show how the fittings assemble in the Heat Siphon.

Part of our Patent is the new one piece teflon isolator ring which snaps over the Titanium Tube Weld Fitting and holds the o-ring in place right side up or upside down. The unique patented designed shape of both the ring and the mating brass and titanium parts compresess the teflon and forms it "around the bend".


SEE The Right Sidebar for an animation of the NEW Fitting being assembled.


This NEW Teflon Ring replaces TWO teflon washers, one of which was not easily field replaceable since it was put on the titanium tube BEFORE we welded the titanium fitting on the tube, so replacing it had to be split at an angle to allow it to go over the titanium fitting and get behind it. Although this is an extremely rare repair, we had the need to perform this field repair on older units.


When we were developing this new fitting, we made many prototypes and experimented with several different shapes until we discovered this final design configuration. Once it is tightened the parts bottom out and set the teflon ring so it stays on and grabs the titanium fitting everytime with no leaks.


And we manufacture all four fittings in house at our CNC machining facility. Brass & titanium fittings and teflon ring - lower cost & higher quality.



No Matter What - SALT WATER POOLS, Ozonators, electronic chlorine generators just can't cause corrosion
of HEAT SIPHON's PATENT PENDING Electrically Isolated Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger

THE BOTTOM LINE: "We Perform to Keep You Warm!!"

How this Invention Evolved

Latrobe, PA - February 9, 2016

It all started back in 2012.

Our old two ring teflon fitting worked reliably for 20 years with no leaks or problems, until we had to turn it upside down for use on our inverted DUAL Heat Exchnagers in our NEW Z700HP and Z575HC Heating Cooling models.

PROBLEM: The o-ring was somewhat tricky to keep in the fitting and sometimes came out of the groove as it was tighten.

SOLUTION: Make a ONE PIECE Teflon ring that snaps over the titanium and holds the o-ring in place.

As the graphic above shows, the unassembled teflon ring only has a slight curvature at the end just enough to hold the oring in the groove. When the nut and fitting are assembled, the teflon conforms to the curve in the nut bottom.

This new PATENTED fitting has the following advantages:

1. The assembly's teflon ring captures the o-ring so it won't fall out even if it's upside down

2. The nut/fitting configuration is self limiting such that when titghten together they bottom out and prevent overtightening and provide the proper geometry for the o-ring to seal as designed.

3. As it is assembled, the new teflon ring is captured and forced around the titanium fitting where it takes a permanent "set" shape once the nut and fitting bottom out for added holding power.

4. Since both the o-ring AND the teflon ring are put on the Titanium fitting from the front, both are field replaceable without welding etc.

5. Elimination of a teflon washer.

And It Stays Assembled

We put a drop of Loctite thread seal on the brass fittings to keep it that way.