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The graph below shows the INTERTEK LABORATORIES test results for all FIVE sizes of ANALOG AND DIGITAL Heat Siphon models now sold in Florida - All R410A models at or above 4.0 COP nameplate rating.

Both Series (Analog and Digital) in ALL models voltage variations are in compliance with the revised Florida Building Code for Pool Heat Pump Low Air Temperature minimum COP 50°F air temperature.

*COP (coefficient of performance) = KW out / KW in; KW in = KW out / COP

CLARIFICATION of the FLORIDA BUILDING CODE from FL Dept of Community Affairs

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Cc: nick.dandrea@tampagov.net, hfg56@miamidade.gov, rlrodriguez@rodriguezquiroga.com, Mo.madani@dca.state.fl.us, christ.sanidas@co.orange.fl.us, dgreiner@co.lake.fl.us, Rick.dixon@dca.state.fl.us

Subject: Re: Fw: 13-412.ABC.3 Equipment Performance standard

Ms. Giannini:

You have asked for a clarification of Sections 13-412.1.ABC.3.1 and 13-612.1.ABC.2.3.4 of the Florida Building Code, Building, concerning test results of ARI 1160 for heat pump pool heaters. Subchapter 13-4 is applicable to commercial buildings of any size and multiple-family residential buildings greater than three stories.

Subchapter 13-6 is applicable to single-family residential buildings and multiple-family buildings of three stories or less.

Section 13-412.1.ABC.3.1, Equipment efficiency, states, in part: "All water heating equipment, hot water supply boilers used solely for heating potable water, pool heaters, and hot water storage tanks shall meet the criteria listed in Table 412.1.ABC.3." Table 13-412.1.ABC.3 requires heat pump pool heaters to meet a 4.0 COP at low air temperature when tested to ARI 1160 with footnote 5. Footnote 5 states: "Test reports from independent laboratories are required to verify procedure compliance." Section 13-612.1.ABC.2.3.4, Pool heater efficiency, states, in part: "... Heat pump pool heaters shall be tested in accordance with ARI 1160, Table 2, Standard Rating Conditions - Low Air Temperature, and shall have a minimum COP of 4.0." Both residential and commercial applications of the code require testing to ARI 1160. However, Section 13-412.1.ABC.3.1 also requires a test report from an independent laboratory to verify procedure compliance. In order to comply with both code sections with nameplate data, the nameplate should also specify the name of the independent laboratory and the report number.

Based on the above code sections, there is NO requirement in Chapter 13 of the Florida Building Code, Building, that tests on heat pump water heaters must be performed by any given laboratory or listed on a specific web site.

However, Section 13-102.2, Alternate materials, allows the building official to accept an industry listing of product efficiencies as demonstration of code compliance provided that such listing has been demonstrated to meet the intent of the code.

Should you have further questions on this or other code issues, I can be reached by return email or by phone at (850) 488-0964.

Ann Stanton
Building Codes Analyst
Florida Department of Community Affairs

Latest Test Results from Intertek

The following table displays the NAMEPLATE Ratings for the Heat Siphon models as specified by paragraph 6.3 of ANSI/AHRI STANDARD 1160-2009 PERFORMANCE RATING OF HEAT PUMP POOL HEATERS which states:

6.3 Tolerances. To comply with this standard, measured test results for Heating Capacity and Coefficient of Performance shall not be less than 95% of Published Ratings. That means a COP of 95% of 4.0 = 3.80 PASSES (click on model to view test report supporting these NAMEPLATE RATINGS)

RATINGS in Accordance with ARI 1160

AHRI 1160 Table 2
Rating Point>>
High Air Temperature
80°F Air / 80°F Water / 63% RH
Low Air Temperature
50 °F Air / 80°F Water / 63% RH
Heat Siphon Model BTUH C.O.P. BTUH C.O.P.
Z200HP 44,500 5.6 32,500 4.2
Z375HP 91,000 6.3 64,200 4.1
Z575HP 120,000 6.2 85,000 4.4
Z575HC 120,000 6.5 79,000 4.3
Z700HP 134,000 6.0 94,000 4.5