HEAT SIPHON News - July 2018

NEW ALL Analog Models Feature TimerStat Pro


All Analog Models Get - New TimerStat Pro

Latrobe, PA - July, 2018

The NEW Analog "C" Series Heat Siphon's will begin shipping this month with our new TimerStat Pro Controller that adds a sophisticated status LED light while keeping our economical original "Set It & Forget It!" single knob design.

The LED can display red green & orange to let you know status, including - POWER, NO FLOW, HEATING, HI/LOW Pressure Error, Reset Breaker Error & Call Factory for Servuce.

When flashing the LED signifies various conditions such as checking flow, restart delay, heating pool, SEE ABOVE - animation for demonstration.

The TimerStat Pro will mount in the same door as the digital Player Models.

This allows a direct replacement upgrade to Digital without any wiring or harness changes other than a simple jumper. Just remove the door unscrew the plug and replace it with a digital Player door assembly.

U.S. Hiring Strong in June - 213,000 Jobs Added


By Eric Morath WSJ - July 6, 2018

WASHINGTON - A strong economy is drawing more Americans into the labor force in search of jobs.

The unemployment rate rose to a seasonally adjusted 4.0% in June, while wage growth remained modest, as new workers took up the job hunt and employers staffed up. Nonfarm payrolls rose by 213,000 in June, more than expected, and hiring the prior two months was revised higher by 37,000 jobs, the Labor Department said Friday.

The increase in the jobless rate from May’s 3.8%, the lowest mark since April 2000, came as 601,000 Americans entered the labor force. Many of them were counted as unemployed because they hadn’t yet gotten the jobs they set out to find.

“As news gets out that more jobs are available, people who thought it wasn’t worth looking have started looking—and many of them are getting jobs,” said Kate Warne, an economist at Edward Jones. “It’s clear that we’re not running out of workers. There is additional leeway for job growth to remain strong.” The civilian labor force has grown by an average of about 250,000 each month this year.

That is the best six-month stretch of Americans entering the labor market in more than two years. In June, the share of American adults working or looking for a job rose by 0.2 percentage point to 62.9%. The gain runs counter to the longer-running trend of an older population that is less likely to work.

The rate is comparable to the 1970s, a time when women were still entering the workforce in greater numbers. Participation among Americans in their prime working years, between ages 25 and 54, has trended up since 2015 and was 82% last month. However, that is still down from just above 83% when the recession began in 2007.

Labor-force participation rose in June for women, blacks and those with less than a college education. As a consequence, the unemployment rate for all three groups increased from historic lows. But a greater share of Latino Americans sought jobs last month—and found them. The Latino unemployment rate fell to a record low 4.6%.

GDP Growth of 4.9% Forecast for 2nd Qtr

Steady hiring and low unemployment show the labor market continues to be an area of strength for the economy. What might be different now is the other aspects of the U.S. economy appear to be picking up steam.

Forecasting firm Macroeconomic Advisers lifted its projection for the second-quarter economic growth rate to 4.9% Friday. Barclay’s projects a 5% rate. That view was bolstered by a separate Commerce Department report Friday showing the trade deficit narrowed for the third straight month in May. Spring data on gross domestic product will be released later this month.

Still, such high rates of economic growth—stoked by strong consumer spending and unusually high soybean exports—are likely not be sustainable. Macroeconomic Advisers projects a 2.7% rate for the third quarter.

Strong hiring alongside a narrowing trade gap may invite a more aggressive trade stance that could affect medium-term growth.

Average hourly earnings for all private-sector workers increased 5 cents last month to $26.98. Wages rose 2.7% from a year earlier in June. Wages haven’t increased at better than a 3% rate from a year earlier since the recession ended in 2009—but wages have risen at least 2.5% from a year earlier in 16 of the past 17 months. That is a faster pace than recorded earlier in the expansion.

Better Days are On The Way!

Trade Deficit
Falls by 6.6%

By Paul Kiernan and Sarah Chaney Updated July 6, 2018

WASHINGTON - After hitting a nearly 10-year high of $55.54 billion in February, the U.S. trade deficit has narrowed for three consecutive months, as imports dropped off while exports continued growing.

As a result, many economists estimate that trade is likely to add a percentage point or more to annualized gross domestic product growth in the second quarter, when the economy likely posted one of its highest growth rates since the recession.The U.S. trade gap narrowed in May to its smallest level since October 2016 on surging exports as President Donald Trump ratcheted up plans for tariffs and trading partners pledged retaliation.

The trade deficit in goods and services fell 6.6% from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted $43.05 billion in May, the Commerce Department said Friday.

Exports rose 1.9% from April to $144.89 billion, while imports increased by a much smaller 0.4% to $210.68 billion. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had expected a $43.6 billion gap in May.

. . . Strong domestic demand tends to fuel imports, and low unemployment combined with the recent tax cuts and government spending increases have sent consumer spending higher in recent months. Exports, meanwhile, could take a hit as China and other U.S. trade partners impose retaliatory tariffs amid the trade dispute launched by the Trump administration.

Over a broader period, international trade in goods and services has risen steadily, reflecting healthy demand in the U.S. economy and around the globe. In the first five months of the year, the trade deficit increased 7.9% from the year-earlier period. Imports rose 8.6% in the first five months of this year, while exports climbed 8.8% over the same period.

HEAT SIPHON 2018 Biggest Year Yet

Latrobe, PA - July 7 2018

"This will be one of the biggest changes we have made in over 35 years of manufacturing" says Bill Bernardi, President of United States ThermoAmp Inc. mfrs of Heat Siphon®

"We are very close to completion of several R&D projects that will catapult Heat Siphon into the lead in the swimming pool heat pump industry.

Expect 2018 to be a BANNER YEAR for Heat Siphon® and a boon to all of our loyal customers and dealers all over the world. "

"We Perform to

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