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HEAT SIPHON Outlives Gas Heaters

no rustyNO CORROSION - Almost all gas pool heaters have a thin sheet metal cabinet and a copper heat exchanger with cast iron water connections. Usually they are assembled with galvanized steel screws. Cost is a major factor. Since gas heaters are so expensive to run, the gas heater manufacturers all try to keep the cost of the heater as low as possible. But metal cabinets rust and copper heat exchangers corrode.

Heat Siphon®'s electrically isolated Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger, PVC cabinet and stainless steel hardware, make it corrosion proof with typically two to three times the life of a gas heater. Heat Siphon®'s sealed refrigeration system, weather- proof PVC control box and totally enclosed fan motor are all designed for trouble free service years longer than even most central air conditioners.

NO FLAMENO FLAMES, NO SCALING, NO SOOT - Another shortcoming of gas heaters is heat exchanger scaling or soot deposits. The pool water flows through small flow channels in a gas heater and the hot combustion gas heats the outer tube surface. The flow rate of the pool water is critical since too low water flow will cause boiling inside the tubes and eventually a hard scaling deposit will block the tube and overheat it. On the other hand, very high water flow over-cools the tube and can cause sweating or condensation on the outside which can lead to combustion chamber rusting or soot deposits which drastically cut down heat transfer efficiency.

Since Heat Siphon® uses no flame the tubes never reach flame temperatures . Heat Siphon’s hot freon gas is lower by almost 2000°F in temperature than combustion gas and the pool water flows on the OUTSIDE of the Titanium tubes, so heat exchanger scaling and blockage are eliminated.

No Pilot LightNO PILOT LIGHT TO BLOW OUT - With Heat Siphon® there's no pilot light to maintain or shield from the wind or re-light if it blows out.

Heat Siphon has no flame to blow out or soot up, no flue gases, no dangerous hot surfaces, no scaling, no gas piping to run, no unsightly gas tanks and no high fuel cost.



IN FACT, ONE Heat Siphon® could easily last longer than THREE(3) gas pool heaters!!

HEAT SIPHON HISTORY - On January 1, 1992 Heat Siphon® became the world's first swimming pool heat pump to use an electrically isolated Pure Titanium Water-side Heat Exchanger. ALL MODELS AND ALL HEAT SIPHONS SHIPPED SINCE THAT DAY USE THIS LIFETIME TITANIUM HEAT EXCHANGER.