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Cover and SAVEAny Type of Pool Cover SAVES

Anything that eliminates evaporation will eliminate the largest single heat loss in a heated swimming pool.

A solar blanket or even saran wrap will cut your pool heating cost in half!

The percentages of each heat loss mode will vary depending on the amount of wind, humidity and air temperature. But EVAPORATION IS THE BIGGEST HEAT LOSS BY FAR IN ALL UNCOVERED POOLS.

As an example, in the animated graphic to the left, the results of our Heat Siphonalysis for a typical pool in Miami, Florida COVERED for just 12 hours per day (overnight) will save you 41% almost HALF of your Pool Heating fuel cost vs. the same pool UNCOVERED. Climate conditions will cause your savings to vary (see below).

Floating solar blankets have air pockets in them to make them float which also "insulates" your pool water from the air, reducing heat loss due to convection and giving you even more savings. Some solar blankets have an aluminized or foil bottom layer which also cuts down radiation losses at night. Pool covers save heat!

For your actual savings click here and get our free HSA for your pool with your local climate and energy costs.

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HEAT SIPHON FAST FACTS - The Solar Pool Cover was invented in 1959 (US patent 03072920) by John I. Yellott, a mechanical engineer who lived in Phoenix, AZ . In his patent he refers to it as a "pneumatic mattress" for a swimming pool. Because of his many contributions to solar energy, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) continues to bestow the John I. Yellott Award to members who have made significant contributions to solar engineering.