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Latest Troubleshooting Videos

The following is the latest list of the Troubleshooting Videos contained in this Library. More will be added to address the new timerstat Analog unit as well as Digital Units and accessories - check back for updates.

Heat Siphon won't start

Your Heat Siphon is installed and wired but will not start. This could be a new installation or a unit that has been working fine for years

  • Check your breaker to make sure it isn't tripped and power is going to the unit
  • Make sure thermostat is turned up higher than the water temp
  • Your pump must be on

Heat Siphon will not shut off

After running ok for a period of time and turning on when heat is required and off when the set point is reached, you now have an overheated pool or spa and the unit just keeps running. Alomost always this is due to one of two problems

  • Contactor is welded shut after experiencing excessive chatter, a lightening strike or prolonged low voltage power
  • Thermostat bulb or water temperature sensor is out of the heat exchanger well and is sensing the outside air temperature instead

Heat Siphon runs but not heating

After bringing the temperature up to some point it seems to go no further even though your Heat Siphon is running and running. New installations may be a sizing or a runtime problem or you may have low refrigerant pressure which means a leak which must be found and fixed. Most common causes:

  • Timeclock is not allowing enough pump runtime
  • Pool cover hours not being adhered to if required by HSA sizing
  • Weather too cold for size selected or Air below 45°F shutting unit off at night

Heat Siphon has noise while running

Running noises are usually an alert to a bigger problem IF they are a NEW noise.

Heat Siphon has noise when stopped

Noises coming from the Heat Sipohn when it is off are usually rare but a few normal ones are

  • a slight buzzing from the 24 volt transformer which should be almost imperceptable. If it is loud then it may indicate a problem.
  • a hissing sound immediately after the unit shuts off which is the sound of refrigerant pressures equalizing through the thermoexpansion valve.
  • bubbles from the pump wich indicates a suction line leak in your pool piping