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Welcome to the Official My Pool iPhone App HomePage

Dad: Check your pool pump sizing & Get the Real Daily Cost

Kids: Now you can Prove to MOM & DAD they CAN afford a Heated Pool!

My Pool answers all of these questions:

  • What size is my pool sq ft.
  • How many gallons?
  • What size pump do I need?
  • How long should I run it?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Can I afford to heat my pool?
  • How much will a pool cover save on heating cost?
  • What type of heater has the lowest operating cost?

all about your pool

My Pool will show you how to maximize enjoyment of your pool while minimizing your energy costs, as you explore your new or existing pool details .

Change the pump turnovers per day or try out a pool cover or a heater before you buy one and watch how it affects your pool's bottom line - you may be able to afford to heat your pool and enjoy it longer this season and more often.

My Pool can handle pools, spas and pool spa combos. Sliders and wheels let you quickly enter values for pool cover hours, pump run time and fuel costs.

Shake to quickly erase input data on a page or to reset all parameters of the current pool your are working on.

The Home Screen above where you pick the shape of your pool. The next screen displays the shape and provides input to finish the area and volume calculations

My Pool is a MUST HAVE app for Anyone thinking about building or buying a swimming pool or spa.

My Pool is more than just a multi-purpose pool/spa calculator of surface area, volume, pump and heater sizing and daily operating cost.

My Pool is also a pool owner/designer learning tool and an educational tool since it always shows you INSTANT FEEDBACK when you change any pool variable in any of the four pool spa tools - for example changing the pool length will instantly change the pool gallons and the pump run time and the heating cost per day.

My Pool is designed for current and future pool and spa owners, pool builders and dealers and pool service professionals. Everyone involved in pool design or operation, pool pump and heater service and all swimming pool or spa related activity will find it useful and accurate.

My Pool is for both the novice pool owner and the Professional Pool Builder - it is as simple or as detailed as you want. Just touch your pool shape and spin your sizes and other parameters in while watching the answers change. You can let it use preset values and just enter minimal data or you can get really detailed answers by changing all the variables. The top of every screen shows the key values changing as you "play" with the settings. Watch gallons and cost per day change instanly as you dial in specific values.