Heat Siphon Test Result verified by Independent Testing done at Intertek Testing LaboratoriesIntertek


The Heat Siphon Z575HP's Coefficient of Performance (COP) is well above ALL COMPETITION based on independent testing in accordance with the American Heating & Refrigeration Institute Heat Pump Pool Heater Standard 1160 .

HEAT SIPHONS: Top Efficiency
Last 14 Years!


Since 1983 Heat Siphon has been leading the pool heater industry with advances and innovations.

TWELVE YEARS RUNNING we are at the TOP of CLASS verified by an Independent test lab.

The graph on the Left shows these test results COP vs HEAT OUTPUT.

Our Z-Series Z575HP is AHRI rated at 119,800 BTUH @ a COP of 6.21. The most efficient pool heaters you can buy in the most popular size - 85,000 BTUH and above!

In fact, the Z575HP is more efficient BY an AVERAGE of 13% and beats the lower tier group by at least 30%!!

THAT MEANS you will use 13 to at 30% LESS electrcity per unit of heat delivered.

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